VANCOUVER ISLAND HOSPICE – Fundraiser November 2, 2019

Vancouver Island Hospice is having a fundraiser from 3:00 PM to 8:00PM and requires parking attendants.  This event will be held at 2600 Elk Trails Way; for people who would like to volunteer and do not have transportation, call Jeanette for more information. There will be a pumpkin throwing contest (with prizes!), hotdogs, a music festival and a barn area.  A driver’s license may be required for some attendants, (an N license is fine, but not an L) Some parking attendants who will be showing people where to park, and a license would not be required for this. This is a child-friendly event! Volunteers must be responsible, courteous and able to communicate with the public.  For more information, call Jeanette at 250-751-4117 or email: