The Little WAAAGH is a youth tabletop miniature gaming club for ages 11-18. With support of the local Nanaimo hobby store Dropzone Games and led by Tanner MacCormack a seasoned nerd. Youth will learn how to build, paint and play various games in a friendly and accepting environment.

There is no cost to joining the club. Supplies such as paints, glue and models will be available to use/borrow. “Club” models are miniatures from different game systems that will be available for youth to use while they are apart of the club. Youth can also purchase their own models if they so wish. We also make it our goal that every youth gets a model to keep.


  1. Provide a free way for youth to enjoy a hobby
  2. Build a consistent and accepting environment
  3. Nurture social and practical skills of youth
  4. Develop friendships
  5. HAVE FUN!


Like any hobby, tabletop miniatures is about having a healthy outlet. Whether it be artistic, tactical or both. Share and learn with a community of people who have the same interests. Youth will build a practical and fun new skill set, while also developing friendships, social skills and confidence.

Tabletop gaming: The therapy of fighting with miniature dragons


Youth must be a member of YouthNetWork to become a member of the club.  You can the find the application form below. After the form is completed we will connect with you.

For questions about Youthnetwork (applications, upcoming events and signup)
Cam Sim – Youthnetwork Coordinator
Email: volunteernanaimo.youthnetwork@gmail.com
Phone: (250) 758 7121 

For questions about the Little WAAAGH! Club contact:
Tanner MacCormack – Little WAAAGH Warboss
Email: TheLittleWAAAGH@gmail.com
Phone: (604) 366 7720

Club meets every Second Sunday, 11am-4pm. See calendar for dates.
Dropzone Games, 2520 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo