Nanaimo Youth 20/20 Can Project

Are you passionate about making a difference? Join a great youth project and get connected with other youth that want to make a difference. If you are between 15-29 years old you are invited to join the Nanaimo Youth 20/20 Can team. Under the umbrella of Volunteer Nanaimo this project creates opportunities for youth to be involved, share ideas, get connected, have fun, help shape the community, to make a difference and to turn their passions into projects. The project is youth led and we want to hear your voice and your ideas. 

We know we are in a pandemic, but throughout the pandemic Youth 20/20 Can members have still been actively volunteering! We have had to think outside the box to create volunteer opportunities that can be done in the safety of our own homes or outside following covid protocols. We meet on zoom to brainstorm about ideas, work on projects that matter to our members and then together we turn ideas into reality. We talk about issues in the community and connect with community organizations that work on these challenges and then partner with them on projects to make a difference. Youth develop skills such as team building, project management, leadership, positive risk-taking, and confidence. There is no cost to join Youth 20/20 Can.

These are the benefits from joining the Youth 20/20 Can team!

  • Participate in free training and learning events

  • Build connections and network

  • Gain employment skills and references

  • Have fun and meet new friends!

  • Lead and inspire change in your community

If you would like to join Youth 20/20 Can please contact us. We are the Nanaimo youth engagement team Gwen Vonarx & Kamila Duha. We would love to hear from you!

Facebook: Youth 20/20 Can Nanaimo
Instagram: Youth2020cannanaimo

Do you want to partner with Youth 20/20 Can?
We are looking for community groups, Non-profit organizations or businesses who would like to partner with Youth 20/20 Can on projects, events and activities. For more information please contact our engagement team Gwen Vonarx & Kamilla Duha at